How to Handle a Copyright Infringement Letter

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Are you downloading songs, movies or TV shows? Your Internet Service Provider knows your IP address and can send Copyright Infringement Notice to you soon. So, what should you do if you have just received a copyright infringement letter from your Internet Provider or government agency like RIAA, MPAA and other? Here you can find… Read more »

Oculus CEO Twitter Account Hacked

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It looks like the big guys from tech giants are not immune from hackers. The Twitter account of Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus (virtual headset maker) was hacked making him included in the list of important figures that had their social media accounts compromised.     Iribe’s account was taken over several days ago,… Read more »

Hackers Can Steal Your ATM PIN Using Your Smartwatch

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As your day-to-day apparel and accessories are turning into networked mobile electronic devices that attach to your body like smartwatch or fitness band, the threat to our personal data these devices collect has risen exponentially. A recent study from Binghamton University also suggests your smartwatch or fitness tracker is not as secure as you think… Read more »

Casino Operator Sues IT Security Firm

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A Las Vegas based casino operator has sued Trustwave for failure to protect the company from a breach that resulted in credit card theft, allowing the hackers to maintain their foothold during the investigation period. The lawsuit was filed by Affinity Gaming in US district court in Nevada. This is the first case where a… Read more »