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Blackberry is one of the top tech products in the year 2010, that is why it is has been a prominent attack to steal users privacy. Blackberry spyware applications has now increased making it easier for someone to install a spyware software in your Blackberry, making it vurnerable for someone to snoop on your conversations and other data.

How do you know that there is spyware in your Blackberry? Here are some tips to detect if a malicious code has been installed on your phone.

1) Low Battery Performance. If all of a sudden that you are charging you battery that usual then most likely there is an application running on the background.

2) Someone has recently borrowed your Blackberry. One way to install a spyware software on you Blackberry is through physical access. So just a reminder make sure that you don’t let your BB lying around and can be access by a person with malicious intent.

3) Sudden Flashes of Light. If you noticed that at times that you see split second flash of light in your Blackberry then most likely that a spyware software is installed. Flexispy’s PRO & PRO-X BlackBerry spy software has a remote monitoring feature (spy call) which enables someone to secretly listen to your BlackBerry’s surroundings.

If you happen to observed one of the above better check your Blackberry for spywares.

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