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Hacking TwitterLike other social media accounts, Twitter accounts can be easily hacked.  Here are the five ways on how you can protect you Twitter from being compromised.

1.  Create a strong password
Don””””t use passwords that are easy to guess such as you birthday, pet names, anniversary dates, etc.  As much as possible do not create passwords that are associated to you.  Use a strong and unique password.  It is advisable to combine capital letters, small letters, numbers, and characters.


2.  Watch out for suspicious links from untrusted emails or sites.  Make sure that you are logging in to and not on other sites.  In some instances you might receive an email asking you to follow the link and change your twitter password.  Don””””t click on the link, it is a common phishing email that will you to a fake login. Twitter will not ask you to change your login details unless you requested it.


3.  Don””t allow untrusted third party apps to use your login details in return for followers or likes.  Some malicious apps will use your login details to post on your behalf much worse is getting the information from your followers.  You can revoke access of these apps from the settings.

Protect Your Twitter Account


4.  Update your computer or devices.  Keeping you computer or devices updated will minimize the risk of being exploited or hacked.


5.  Lock you smart phone screen.  Locking your Android or Iphone screen is preventing someone from prying into your social media profiles.  If your phone got stolen it will be hard for the thief to use your social media profile thereby saving you and your friends from being scam.


6.  Disable discoverability of email address.  Most phishing and hacking attempts starts at email.  Disabling other users to discover your email address can prevent you from being victimized.

Protect Your Twitter Account


7.  Frequently change your password.  Passwords are often stolen without the victims knowledge and at times they are not used immediately.  They are often sold to crime syndicates that will pry into the users information without being notice.  Ideally password should be change every six months.


8.  Verify your twitter account using an sms.  This is one of the safest way to protect your account.  Just in case your account has been compromised, you can just need to lock it down and have an sms message sent to your mobile phone for the new password.


Following the tips I outlined above can minimized your Twitter account from being hacked or compromised.

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